Alex Goryachev's candid, thought provoking, yet entertaining speeches and workshops demystify innovation, and encourage the audience to re-think today's realities and corporate norms in order to survive, grow and prosper.

Alex masterfully combines best industry practices with his own international startup and corporate experience, equipping audience with pragmatic and actionable steps that can change culture and turn any organization into innovation machine.


Can large companies really innovate

Pragmatic ways to break silos and empower your workforce to drive revenue and savings.

According to a 2019 Gallup poll, 85% of employees were either not engaged or were actively disengaged at work. They don’t feel empowered to make an impact, and they have little, if any, connection to the company’s mission, strategy, or outcomes.

Even worse, many employees barely know what the mission is, let alone the strategy or outcomes to achieve it, typically because it is never fully explained or consistently emphasized.

So, how to we expect...


Going beyond the buzzword to contentiously drive growth, improve the bottom line and enact change!


Regretfully, innovation is definitely on track to become one of the most overused and meaningless buzzwords of the decade. Its the thing that every leader demands, yet many don't understand why they need it, or even what it is. Despite the real need to make our businesses more competitive, and our planet more sustainable, many organizations, maintain the status quo by "celebrating" innovation, instead of truly welcoming it. 

Innovation is not about luck, it isn’t a thing, it’s a mindset and attitude made up of  clear principles. By working with organizations around the globes - from enterprises, to startups, nonprofits and cities, I've developed clear principles that can transform any organization into innovation machine.

In this session, we ...


There is no "I" in innovation: Unlocking power of the ecosystem to co-innovate


Just like the Internet, not all innovative ideas are born inside the boardroom. For innovation to succeed in your organization,you need to tap into the entire ecosystem. That means partnering and co-innovation with customers, suppliers, academia, communities,nonprofits and more. 

Yet, there's a tendency to remain insular out of ego and fear, which causes organizations to miss out on the major benefits they would otherwise received when working with the entire ecosystem.

Drawn from personal experience, we will ...


What is good for the world is good for business


Thanks to a younger generations’ increasing focus on greater purpose in their work besides income, social and environmental concerns have come to play a pivotal role in business. Thanks to globalization and hyper-connectivity, the environments in which many organizations exist have shifted from local to regional to global, meaning that their products and services, as well as actions and values, can now affect people all over the world. 

While many of us are living in smart houses, with amenities like connected irrigation systems, and are sending off cotton swabs of DNA to learn about our personal genomics, almost half of the world has yet to get connected to the internet.

One third of the world population lacks ...



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