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Seeking AI Clarity? Invite Alex to Speak!

With hands-on, practical expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work Innovation, and Organizational Culture Change, Alex is an award-winning keynote speaker, panelist, and workshop facilitator sought after by audiences worldwide. From top executives and government leaders to entrepreneurs and students, Alex has captivated diverse audiences through his inspiring talks on AI and insightful panel discussions.

Backed by hands-on experience leading AI Transformation initiatives at Fortune 500 companies around the world, Alex's custom, meticulously researched, and up-to-date presentations offer actionable insights that help organizations prepare for the AI revolution and transform their work strategies. His dynamic approach ensures that every audience leaves empowered and ready to embrace the future of AI.

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The Next Decade of Innovation:
How AI Will Reshape the World

AI is here to stay, fundamentally altering every aspect of our society. From transforming industries and redefining work to revolutionizing how we learn, live, and play, AI and its applications are driving unparalleled change. You will discover how AI is fostering innovation, enhancing human experiences, and creating new opportunities. Drawing from his extensive experience at leading tech companies like Cisco, IBM, and Dell, Alex will provide both visionary and practical outlook on how organizations and individuals can prepare for and thrive in the next decade of technological evolution, ensuring they remain at the forefront of this dynamic landscape.

AI Opportunity for <Your Organization> and <Your Industry>

In this custom webinar Alex explores the transformative power of AI tailored specifically for your industry. Leveraging meticulously researched latest trends, you will learn how AI can drive innovation, increase brand value, optimize operations, grow revenue, and reduce costs. Drawing on current real-world examples and in-depth use cases, we will explore practical ways AI can address unique challenges in your industry and unlock significant value. This session offers a clear view into effective AI applications, providing you with the insights needed to understand upcoming transformations in your field.

Everything is About to Change:
Separating AI Facts from Fiction to Prepare for What’s to Come

AI is here to stay, making AI literacy essential for navigating the future. Whether for professional growth or career advancement, understanding and mastering AI is crucial. Delivered in an engaging and accessible manner, this keynote deciphers the trends driving Generative AI and their impact on the workplace. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in helping organizations develop award-winning technology literacy programs, Alex shares strategies that will help you and your organizations thrive amidst AI-driven changes. You will be able to clearly distinguish between hype and reality, providing you with a clear path to leverage AI responsibly and effectively.

Win with AI:
5 Simple Ways to Leverage AI to Supercharge Your Life and Work

Alex spends several hours a day looking at the latest AI tools so you don't have to. This highly interactive keynote offers five straightforward ways to integrate AI into your daily life and work to boost productivity and efficiency. Real-world examples and hands-on demonstrations of the latest advances and foundational AI applications, many of which you have probably not seen, illustrate how AI can be used to and drive personal and professional growth. You will leave with practical knowledge of how to master and safely use AI, giving you back time and accelerating your success.

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