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Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author and Innovation Keynote Speaker

Going Beyond the Buzzword “Innovation” to Survive and Prosper

“Innovation” is surely on track to become one of the most overused and meaningless buzzwords of the decade. It is the thing that every leader demands, yet many don’t understand why they need it, or even what it is.

So, what is innovation, exactly, and how can leaders stop giving mere lip service to this crucial concept and start putting it into practice to achieve tangible results?

In Fearless Innovation, Alex Goryachev lays out the principles and practices you need to thrive as a company leader in the fourth revolution. Get a practical understanding of the importance leadership, strategy, and measurement play in innovation. Provocative case studies from across industries demonstrate how these principles translate into measurable impact in the real world.


The Top Pragmatic Innovation and Digital Transformation Speaker

Alex Goryachev speaks on the topics of pragmatic innovation, innovation in technology, and the Metaverse. His candid thought-provoking, yet entertaining speeches and workshops demystify innovation, and encourage the audience to re-think corporate norms to survive, grow and prosper. Alex masterfully combines best industry practices with his own international startup and corporate experience, equipping the audience with actionable steps that can change the culture and turn any organization into an innovation machine.

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The Top 10 Innovation Killers of 2022

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