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“One of the world’s top experts on Innovation”

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Global Innovation Leader. Award-winning AI Keynote Speaker.

Alex Goryachev delivers cutting-edge AI keynotes, webinars and training workshops that help organizations transform to be more innovative and agile. 

AI transformation is not about technology; it's about people. Alex Goryachev, a leading authority on AI-driven workplace transformation, is at the forefront of this shift.

An estimated 40% of the global workforce will require reskilling in the next three years due to AI.  Organizations must invest in talent development as much as in technology to stay competitive.


Alex Goryachev's extensive experience in senior roles at major corporations like Cisco, IBM, Amgen, Dell, and Pfizer, coupled with his active involvement in the International Standards Organization, provides him with unique insights into guiding organizations through this transformative period. Additionally, as a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, his expertise is both recognized and respected widely in the industry.

As AI continues to reshape industries, the ability to effectively blend human skills with AI capabilities will determine which organizations merely survive and which ones thrive. By partnering with Alex, you'll equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the age of AI, ensuring your organization not only survives but thrives in this new era.

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AI Workforce Transformation Pioneer

Helping organizations navigate & understand the AI revolution

Alex Goryachev is a globally recognized expert in AI and workplace innovation. With a background in leading roles at Cisco, IBM, Dell, and Amgen, he has developed strategies that drive technological advancement and organizational growth.


As a former Managing Director of Global Innovation at Cisco, Alex launched innovation centers worldwide, earning high praise for his contributions. His insights are regularly featured in major publications, making him a sought-after speaker and consultant.

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