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Innovation Strategy Consulting

Elevate Through Innovation, or Stagnate in Status Quo

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In today's rapid-fire business landscape, innovation is not a luxury; it's a necessity. If companies do not continually reinvent themselves, they risk joining the graveyard of businesses that failed to adapt. In fact, studies have demonstrated the startling mortality of stagnation:  the average lifespan of a company listed on the S&P 500 index has plummeted from 60 years in the 1960s to fewer than 20 years as of now. This is an astounding shift, underscoring the brutal reality: those who fail to innovate are effectively signing their own death warrant.

To be clear, innovation isn't about merely introducing a new product or adding features to an existing one; it's about anticipating changes, embracing disruption, and evolving business models.  Companies that opt to rest on their laurels, banking on past successes, find themselves rapidly eclipsed by agile upstarts that are hungry, nimble, and attuned to the changing demands of the modern consumer. If the statistics of dying companies don’t jolt businesses into action, the ever-evolving marketplace will. Either spearhead the change or become its victim. The choice is stark, and it's clear.

In the intricate dance of innovation strategy, Alex Goryachev moves gracefully between strategic vision and practical execution. His past work with dozens of Fortune 500 companies around the world are a testament to this duality. Not just content with ideation, Alex ensures these strategies become tangible results. His pivotal role in launching a global innovation platform, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate teams, led to groundbreaking solutions and new revenue avenues. This initiative is a reflection of Alex's end-to-end understanding of innovation: from opportunity recognition to strategic planning and its seamless alignment with a company's core mission and operational goals.


Alex Goryachev

Strategic Advisor. Speaker.

In today's crazy-fast business world, you've got to innovate or get left behind. Alex has crafted a set of innovation consulting tools that's like a GPS for this wild terrain. With a ton of experience under his belt and some serious industry know-how, he's all about helping organizations not just keep up, but actually lead the charge:

  1. Innovation Initiatives Turnaround: Advise on underperforming or failing innovation initiatives, analyzing the root causes of challenges and strategically rebooting them to ensure they align with organizational goals and deliver tangible results.

  2. Current Innovation Capabilities Assessment: Analyze an organization's existing innovation infrastructure to determine strengths and areas needing enhancement.

  3. Establishing Innovation Governance: Work with key stakeholders to implement structured processes and guidelines to ensure systematic management of innovation, encompassing the consistent assessment, development, and execution of innovative ideas.

  4. Identifying Clear Innovation Metrics and KPIs: Define specific and measurable indicators to evaluate the success and impact of innovation initiatives, ensuring they are in sync with broader organizational goals.

  5. Innovation Strategy Development: Work alongside key stakeholders and executive leadership to discern their objectives and the intricacies of their industry, subsequently crafting a tailored strategy that places them ahead in the innovation curve.

  6. Innovation Culture Building: Champion a culture of continuous innovation throughout the organization via custom training sessions, workshops, and leadership mentorship.

  7. Innovation Portfolio Management: Introduce tools or methods that facilitate efficient management, prioritization, and resource allocation across multiple innovation endeavors.

  8. Change Management & Adoption: Guide organizations through the seamless adoption of innovations by fine-tuning workflows, processes, and tools, ensuring uninterrupted transitions and maximum adoption rates.

Having steered numerous enterprises toward groundbreaking successes, Alex's accomplishments in the realm of innovation are a testament to his expertise. Harnessing a blend of visionary thinking and meticulous execution, he has transformed theoretical strategies into real-world results. If your organization seeks to unleash its full innovative potential, it's time to leverage the best in the industry.

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Alex Goryachev

Strategic Advisor. Speaker.
Alex Goryachev


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