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Pragmatic and effective guide to help your organization survive, transform and prosper.

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"Artificial Intelligence", "AI", “Innovation” are surely on track to become one of the most overused and meaningless buzzwords of the decade. They are the things that every leader demands, yet many don’t understand why they need them, or even what it is.

So, what is innovation, exactly, and how can leaders stop giving mere lip service to this crucial concept and start putting it into practice to achieve tangible results?

In Fearless Innovation, Alex Goryachev lays out the principles and practices you need to thrive as a company leader in the fourth revolution. Get a practical understanding of the importance leadership, strategy, and measurement play in innovation. Provocative case studies from across industries demonstrate how these principles translate into measurable impact in the real world.

But innovation is not about technology. At its core it is about business outcomes and people; it is about new ways of doing business, talent and change management; it is about transforming to new operating models based on co-development and ecosystems of partnerships; it is a journey.
So where do you begin? How do survive and thrive while transforming your business to adopt new models and grow new revenue streams? Fearless Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword to Continuously Drive Growth, Improve the Bottom Line, and Enact Change will answer all of these questions, and more.

Fearless Innovation

Fearless innovation

Today, 63% of companies are hiring chief innovation officers, and more than 90% are making business, cultural and technological shifts in support of digitization. Sure, that's great, but there is a problem here: despite the obvious growth of demand for innovation, we remain utterly confused about the concept. As a result, over 72% of critical transformation efforts efforts fail.

With so much information out there on the topic, it's hard to know where to start, let alone with what goal and for what purpose. Leaders are enthusiastic about encouraging everyone to be innovative, yet vague about what it means in practical terms. In return, employees have little interest in something that their bosses don't know what to do with or can't even describe. Without action and reinforcement innovation goes nowhere and actually sets organizations on a dangerous and eventually self-destructive path.

Fearless Innovation brings clear business strategies to every organization to increase both top- and bottom-line results. This book has been written specifically for front-line business decision makers at companies of all sizes who need a practical handbook to drive change in a clear and measurable way.

This dependable resource looks at "Innovation" from a business, strategy, cultural, societal and organizational standpoint. It walks you through clear principles and replicable steps that you can take to transform your organization and deliver meaningful and measurable ROI on your investment.

A wide array of real-world examples and case studies from organizations across the globe presents you with insights into designing and implementing successful innovation strategy for your organization while avoiding costly mistakes.

You will learn how to:
  1. Understand and communicate the urgency of innovation, and the impact of underlying technological and societal changes.

  2. Develop pragmatic innovation strategy for your organization and secure buy-in from all levels of employees across all functions.

  3. Build strong ecosystems partnership with customers, partners, startups, academia and local communities.

  4. Implement open standards to integrate all your technologies, old and new, with your workflows to achieve high-impact business outcomes.

  5. Measure and communicate progress to stakeholders and media


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