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Alex Goryachev delivers cutting-edge AI keynotes and workshops that do more than just inform—they help organizations transform to be more innovative and agile. 


Alex's sense of humor and capability to simultaneously manage the big picture and details - makes him an exceptional speaker.



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Two Decades of Innovation: Shaping the Future of Work

Alex Goryachev is a globally recognized technology and business innovation executive, celebrated for his reputation as a leading innovator in the complex and ever-evolving world of emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI). His expertise drives workplace innovation and organizational transformation, positioning him at the forefront of industry change.


Alex has masterfully navigated every phase of the Internet revolution, spearheading organizational transformation in senior roles at renowned companies like Cisco, Dell, Amgen, IBM, Napster, and Pfizer. His extensive expertise has benefited numerous Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits, universities, and governments around the world.


Alex is a noted contributor to leading publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company Magazine, and is also a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of "Fearless Innovation: A No-Nonsense Guide".

From Ideas to Best Places to Work:
Empowering Everyone To Innovate

As the former Head of Global Innovation Strategy and GM of Global Innovation Centers at Cisco, a $50B industry giant, Alex was instrumental in creating and directing a comprehensive global network of Innovation centers spanning North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. In addition to his global leadership, Alex spearheaded internal innovation initiatives and designed workforce skills development programs at cultivating an environment of continuous improvement and innovative thinking.

His leadership in workforce transformation was notably recognized when Cisco was ranked as the #1 Best Place to Work for Innovators by Fortune, an accolade awarded twice under his tenure. This recognition highlighted the effectiveness of the innovative practices and culture transformation he championed.​

A Speaker for All:
Championing Innovation from Olympic Stages to Fortune 500's 

Alex is a dynamic and eloquent speaker, having engaged in over 250 events across four continents. His presentations and workshops shine with candor, wit, and deep insight, as he skillfully demystifies complex topics like Artificial Intelligence and Workplace Transformation. Through his engaging speaking style Alex inspires his auto challenge conventional norms and embrace growth and innovation.

Alex Goryachev's influence extended to grand stages like the World Economic Forum, as well as London and Rio Olympic Games, where he spearheaded the Innovation Track, a role that showcased his ability to lead large-scale, international initiatives.

What truly separates Alex Goryachev from other speakers is his meticulous preparation and the depth of his engagement with current research, paired with a robust hands-on experience in implementing AI and Workplace Transformation.

Alex brings practical insights from actual project execution and management. Each presentation and workshop is meticulously tailored to the audience and industry context, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

An Extraordinary Story: From Humble Beginnings to Global Innovation Leader & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

Alex Goryachev has earned numerous accolades for his innovative contributions to workplace culture and technology strategy, making him a sought-after expert among a wide array of audiences—from nimble startups to Fortune 500 giants. His expertise is regularly called upon to guide organizations through the intricate dynamics of technological adaptation and innovation strategy.


The story of Alex’s ascent from a self-taught immigrant kid to a lading authority in the AI-driven work transformation landscape is nothing short of remarkable. Celebrated by Forbes as "One of the World's Top Experts on Innovation," his journey is a testament to the power of unwavering discipline, creative thinking, and relentless curiosity. 

Alex Goryachev

AI & Future of Work Strategist.Keynote Speaker.

Alex Goryachev


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