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1824: Innovation in Large Companies with Alex Goryachev

Have you ever wondered what it takes to drive innovation when you’re just one person in a large organization? With bureaucracies, processes, and roadmaps of ‘this is how it’s done’ already laid out, how can you — really — think outside the box and disrupt? Today’s guest, Alex Goryachev, is jammed packed with wisdom on how you can strive for innovation when you’re just one person.

Alex is the Senior Director of Innovation Strategy at Cisco. With over 20 years of experience, Alex has made it his business to turn disruptive concepts into emerging business models. He is an entrepreneurial go-getter who takes risks and thinks ahead about what the future might hold.

We discuss how large companies have shifted their focus from using an outside entrepreneur or consultant to drive innovation to leverage their in-house staff for support and creation of new ideas. While living in such a fast-paced environment, large organizations realize the importance of investing in innovative teams so that they can get a leg up in the marketplace. Alex explains that, oftentimes, the best ideas come from those who are working directly with the customer. Alex also shares his process on how he thinks about innovation and how he spots a good idea that has lots of ‘spark.’

If you are ready to: get buy-in from key decision makers on your next big idea be a high-impact, high-value member that ignites change and fosters a culture of innovation where everyone on your team is bringing innovative ideas that tackle challenges and seize opportunities.

This video originally appeared in LaunchStreet TV on May 28, 2019


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