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[Spigit Webinar] Cisco: Enabling Every Employee to Be an Innovator

Let's dive in shall we absolutely so Alex our webinar today is titled "adapting to disruption by enabling every employee to be an innovator"

Innovation is a mindset. Right innovation is about the constant ability to change, and that's keeping up with the times or leaving the transitions right. It's all about the innovator, not the innovation. Innovation itself is irrelevant, what's relevant is when you have people that are committed to listening to each other that they're not afraid of speaking their minds not afraid of contributing their ideas. When you have diverse and inclusive teams that's where innovation is born. It's all about people with ideas coming together and taking a risk.

See the highlights of the interview:

  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:36 What is Innovation?

  • 2:18 How do you drive employee engagement?

  • 4:05 How innovation has evolved over time?

  • 6:09 Innovation is everyone's business

  • 8:50 Biggest allies

  • 11:10 Communication

  • 13:30 Innovation Process

  • 16:13 Implementing Winning Ideas

  • 18:25 Innovation Concierge

  • 20:15 Getting Started

  • 22:05 Metrics

  • 25:06 Grace

  • 26:29 Social Responsibility Programs

  • 28:53 Innovation Roadblocks

  • 29:52 Challenges

  • 34:36 Innovation as a Mindset

  • 36:38 How do you align and create a common strategy?

  • 38:41 How do you convince executives to collaborate toward a common strategy?

  • 40:41 How do you enable innovation?

  • 42:03 Where have you had the most success?

  • 43:47 How much does it cost?

  • 44:54 How did you get back peoples trust?

  • 46:23 The importance of ongoing communication

  • 47:22 How did you get on this innovation path?

  • 49:47 Whats different about innovation today?

  • 51:22 Why don't companies take the step?

  • 52:38 Last thoughts

  • 54:23 Thank you

This video originally appeared in Spigit Webinar on October 27, 2017


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