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What Drives Innovation? (Feat. Alex Goryachev)

What does innovation mean in 2023? In this week’s episode of Motivational Mondays, you’ll hear what Silicon Valley guru Alex Goryachev thinks technology has to offer us in Industry 4.0, and how that can change not only the way companies operate but also the nature of work itself.

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As someone who grew up with the internet, Goryachev is a true digital native, deeply in tune with how technology shaped his life and what it can do for society. In his conversation with Corey Andrew Powell, he builds a case that innovation is about more than speeding up processes and growing profit margins – it’s also an opportunity to improve the way teams collaborate and communicate, as well as the quality of peoples’ lives at work.

Don’t miss this week’s episode to learn more about the new era of innovation and what it takes to thrive in today’s business landscape.


>> Get free resources on Alex Goryachev’s website. (

>> Read Goryachev’s book: “Fearless Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword to Continuously Drive Growth, Improve the Bottom Line, and Enact Change.” (

This podcast originally appeared in Motivational Mondays on July 31, 2023


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